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Medical Benefits

New Jersey Workers Compensation law provides that the employer shall furnish such medical, surgical and other treatment and hospital service as shall be necessary to cure and relieve the worker of the effects of the injury and to restore the functions of the injured member or organ where restoration is possible. N.J.S.A. 34:15-15.

Your employer is responsible for providing you reasonable and necessary medical treatment for injuries you sustained as a result of your work injury. The employer, however, has the right to select the medical providers and oversee the reasonable and necessary treatment in what is known as “authorized treatment.” That is, the employer or the employer’s insurance company can select the health care providers and oversee the medical treatment for the work related injury.

The goal of medical treatment is to bring you to maximum medical improvement and there is no limit on the amount of medical benefit necessary to bring you to that level. Maximum medical improvement is a term of art that means you have reached a medical plateau in the opinion of the authorized medical provider and there is no further treatment reasonably necessary to improve your condition.

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Permanency Benefits.

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