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New Jersey Work Injury Lawyer

Burlington County Law Week

new jersey lawyer john renner
Mr. Renner puts final touches on 
his presentation for the gathering students

new jersey lawyers best
Mr. Renner prepared to present the case. 

new jersey lawyers best
Mr. Renner confers with a member of the 
Burlington County Office of the Prosecutor


John F. Renner is the Chairperson of the Burlington County Bar Association's Community and Public Relations Committee. 

The Committee is instrumental in organizing the Burlington County Law Week Activities which included the May 11, 2005 presentation of "Guilty or Not Guilty? You Decide" at the Historic Courthouse in Mount Holly, New Jersey. The program is designed for high school students to learn about the criminal justice system and the importance of their role as jurors in deciding the facts of a case.

Mr. Renner presented a viewpoint of jury selection as a criminal defense attorney representing the accused in a murder trial. Following Mr. Renner's remarks, a mock jury trial commenced before a Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey including the individual questioning of potential jurors to sit on the panel as part of the jury selection process. 

Students from all over Burlington County participated in the events and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation!

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